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So you have made it all the way through setting up your Paypal account in order to accept payments online.

You wish to make your Paypal experience more in tune with your own website so you decide on customising your Paypal Payment Pages, and what happens!

Paypal requests secure hosted logos (https://...) or eBay requests your own non-secure logo hosting!

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Secure & Non-Secure Logo Hosting
(https:// or http://)
Host your company logo with Celtic Web Design for only £3 per logo per year!
All for only £3
Many secure payment sites like Paypal, 2CheckOut, Authorize.Net, NoChex, 2C0 and eBay (non secure hosting) offer the ability to customise payment or stores pages in order to provide greater consistency between company pages and third party secure payment pages. For instance with Paypal you can now added background colours, header and border colours and company logos up to the size of 750 * 90 pixels and with eBay stores your logo can accommodate 310 * 90 pixels.

So why do you need secure logo image hosting? Well if you are an account holder with either Paypal, 2CheckOut, Authorize.Net or NoChex then in order to provide that ever greater level of online security, payment pages are hosted on secure servers (https://www...), this allows only the customer and the payment provider websites with the ability to read sensitive online payment information. It is these payment pages that can now be customised to a companies more individual styling through the use of logos and images representing individual companies.

But unfortunately with either Paypal, 2CheckOut, Authorize.Net or NoChex this is where the problem begins, secure payment pages with customised logos require the logo to be hosted on secure servers, without which an annoying message appears on every secure payment page request the visitor to authorise the download of a non-secure logo on to a secure webpage. The same logo hosting can also be provided for eBay Stores pages through the use of non-secure (safe) logo hosting for the same great price.

The answer to this is to host your logo on a secure server, this will prevent thise annoying messages appearing just when you want the payment experience to as easy as possible for your customers. This is where Celtic Web Design can help you, for we can host your company logos and images on secure servers removing any popup messages and allowing you to retain your customers in a more attractive and professional payment experience.

For an example of a customised payment page please click the button below to view Celtic Web Design custom payment pages.
To Order Secure or Non-Secure Logo Hosting
To order your secure logo hosting, simply email us your logo and make your payment through either using the 'Add To Basket' buttons which will open up our secure Paypal Shopping cart, or visit the Paypal website and make your payment to:

Once we receive your logo and notification of your payment, we will immediately place your logo live onto our secure server and email you back a link to view the logo. Copy and paste the link from our email into your web browser url field to view your logo, then paste the link into your 'Custom Payments Page' through whichever Payment provider you use and straight away you will be able to view your logo on your secure payments pages!

It's as easy as that !
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For those of you that wish to present multiple products through dynamically generated web pages, I can also offer PHP/MySQL database integration.
See which incorpates a mixture of HTML, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL.

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